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Who's Pampers Are These?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

By Nicky Porter, This novel is a book of fiction

Is a question that not even Stacey could have answered. It was supposed to be a holiday out of this world for this blonde, blue-eyed American woman, and it was. The world she knew before had just ended. Her first experience in a strange country had become so much like a nightmare, and that too was real.

Stacey found herself caught in a web of confusing and ever-changing tales; And couldn’t find her way out. She gave birth to a mysterious Black Baby and was told by the nurse that her baby had died, and everything starts going in circles from that moment on. The Guyana jungle had more than reptiles and wild animals, no more sweet-smelling roses. The multi-coloured flowers with its sweet and refreshing fragrance that she loved so much, had now turned into wreaths and the smell of death was in the air.

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