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Thank you for stopping by the official website of Shadrock Porter a biographic perspective of the life and times of a multifaceted and dynamic individual by the name of Mr Shadrock Porter, the Dora Mavor Moore Award winner, playwright, director, singer, actor, author, and Master Teacher, Leader ad Founder of the Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries. The website of Shadrock Porter hopes to assist Mr Porter in relaying his life story, interactions and experiences that have helped to make his story such an interesting one, to say the least. Taking quantum leaps from his youth in Albouystown, Guyana, during the1950’s, to his music career in the 60/70’s all the way to his spiritual path and message at this current time.


There are many defining moments in Shadrock Porter's life, many of which you will read about on this site. However, one critical moment of his life is relevant to our own lives today and therefore, it is crucial to make mention of it on this very page. Thirty years ago, Shadrock Porter, wrote “The Truth, the Lie and the Bible”. This book identifies a pattern of 400 years, going as far back as 476 A.D., with the fall of the Roman empire (note: the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem took place in 70 A.D. followed by the persecution of its people, then 400 years later, Rome fell). In this manner, touching briefly on Portugal, Haiti, Cuba, Spain, Brazil, Holland and Jamaica, Porter showed a correlation between the rise and fall of these nations. In his discourse, Porter revealed that these nations captured and sometimes enslaved a people, commonly known today as African-American or the descendants of Africans that were oppressed under the recent 400 years in the Americas. Porter argued that whenever they ruled over their people (referring to the Africans), that country was in poverty, for example, Haiti; and if governed by other nations, then those same Africans were and are the ones in poverty – the poorest in the land – however, these nations eventually declined. 

This prophetic observation, unfortunately, remains true to this day, even in North America there are remnants of a racial divide, division amongst African-Americans, and they are also predominately the poorest of all the non-native peoples that call America home. Notably, most countries in South America, the Caribbean and Africa still carry the stigma of impoverished nations, where the people are mostly lost and destitute, in comparison to other western and non-western countries. “Let’s take a look in the historical container and search through the rubble of slavery and its 400 years and see what happened.” Porter, “The Truth the Lie and the Bible: Third Edition”,1995. Porter thus, urged his readers to take a deep dive and recognise the pattern affording us the opportunity to correct our mistakes, he states, “for only with this knowledge would we be able to correct our mistakes, because this 400 year that we are in, is crucial.” Porter 1995.

Shadrock Porter is the creator of the #rememberthe400 initiative, which is an awareness campaign that was formed to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first arrival of Africans that were brought to the shores of Hampton, VA on August 1619. He has worked diligently over the last few decades to educate and prepare those around him of this prophetic message and to offer solutions for healing from this dark time in world history. 

One of the many ways Porter discovered to tell the story of a forgotten people and their true story and identity is by bringing visualisation to history and culture through the arts. As a result, Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society (GAPAS), became the hub to launch this message using creative and performing arts. Shadrock Porter is well known for his creation “Shadow of the Slaves” a theatrical play honouring Canada for being a haven for slaves during the era of the underground railroad. This production made its mark at the Harbour Front Theatre. Freedom Fighters "In the Mind of a child” is a thought-provoking engaging rendition of “A Tribute to Our Freedom Fighters”; This remarkable and entertaining anthology of young minds, ages 6 to 15 years old, is a must-see. The talent, passion, and the understanding of our Canadian history are all in one package and is presented as part of local schools’ Black History curriculum. Porter is also known for “The Journey”, a sold-out musical production portraying a theatrical tapestry of song, spoken word and dance in New York, London and Toronto, just to name a few locations. “The Journey” will be playing in Virginia on August 23, 2019, as part of the #rememberthe400 movement.

About this Site

This website encapsulates the many facets, experiences, and events, past and present, that are the fabric woven together to create the journey we call life. As you can imagine the task of placing Shadrock Porter's life through links and web pages will be an ongoing project that our team of individuals are taking delight in doing. Add the Shadrock Porter website to your list of favourites and check-in for updates and event information, from time to time.

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